Wildlife Habitat Council

Case Study: Wildlife Habitat Council

Based in Washington DC, The Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) is a nonprofit, non-lobbying group of corporations, conservation organizations, and individuals dedicated to restoring and enhancing wildlife habitat. Leaders of the WHC were among the stakeholders in the Green Central Station initiative and were impressed with the process we used to build a site plan and architecture for a large informational website and hired us to re-build their organization’s website.

The former Wildlife Habitat Council website was poorly designed, contained outdated content and the navigation was poorly thought out and implemented. There were field offices and projects that had built their own websites and as a user navigated through the WHC site they could easily become lost or taken away from the main WHC website. The CMS that the WHC was using was very difficult to use and therefore the content was rarely updated. There was little, if any, connectivity to the WCH corporate membership base. A 3 month window was provided for production as the organization needed a new website up and running prior to their annual conference.

We started by providing an audit of all of the existing digital assets, including the 5-6 field offices that had produced their own web content. We then worked across all WHC departments in building a site plan and architecture that encompassed all interests and audiences. We culled through hundreds of existing pages, re-wrote copy and organized the content into a more consumable model, including creating a membership directory and events calendar.

An internal database of awards recipients was resurrected and moved to the web server to make it easier for WHC staff to make continuous updates and present the content to the public. The website was built on the WordPress CMS platform making it easier for the staff to make changes to the website, and all contributors and editors were trained on how to use it effectively. We set up various social media outlets for WHC and trained the staff how to keep them updated and maintained. The website was delivered on time and presented at the annual conference.

    The services that we provided consisted of:
  • Audit of existing digital assets
  • Website site plan, architecture and navigation
  • Working across association departments, gathering consensus
  • Copywriting - website content
  • Website Design & Development
  • Web / Interactive Project Management
  • Database integration of 2 divergent sources
  • Training (Social Media, WordPress CMS)

"Dave's experience and knowledge of best practices in web design were invaluable in helping the Wildlife Habitat Council redesign the organization's website. Dave helped us cut through the clutter to create a more streamlined website that was contemporary, efficient, practical and met all of our needs. He was also able to come up with a platform solution that worked for a non-profit budget. I would definitely recommend Dave's services for organizations or companies looking to elevate their presence online."
- Brad Cardwell, Director of Communications, Wildlife Habitat Council

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