Force 3 Jobs Portal

Case Study: Force 3 Jobs Portal

Force 3 is an IT solutions provider, primarily for the Federal government, delivering strategic and financial value to DOD and Civilian agencies through secure and wireless unified communication networks and services including network management, help desk and application support.

Force 3 was experiencing significant turnover in their IT/Engineering and client support departments, as personnel struggled with the perceived culture of the office, which at times would be active, loud and social and focused on the activities of the sales team (ringing bells, company happy hours, etc.). The Human Resources department needed some way to pre-screen potential employees to insure they were comfortable with this type of environment before taking the time to interview them for an eventual offer.

We developed a plan to build a recruiting portal where potential candidates could take a “tour” of Force 3 in order to get a better idea of the company’s background, mission and more importantly, their culture. 4 separate “Tracks” were built to accommodate different candidates (sales, IT, contract and general) as benefits and content of the tour was slightly different for each. We built the portal in WordPress so the HR team would be able to set permissions, turn sections on and off and gather form data as users completed the tour. We used Rovion technology where silhouetted video of a character would play on top of a background, which in this instance was the portal’s content as the user was prompted to navigate from page to page. We used video vignettes from various Force 3 personnel and took it a step further by using the company’s CEO, Rocky Cintron, in several of the scenes. An extra wrinkle… We had to shoot Rocky’s portion of the videos in Washington DC while the rest of the video was produced in Boston, and then stitch them together to make them appear to be together.

Force 3 began using the recruiting portal and almost immediately saw a significant drop-off in the number of new hires that were uncomfortable in the office environment and culture. In addition to coming up with the idea and building the portal, we developed the storyboards, wrote the scripts for the vignettes and Rovion characters, walked the client through the casting selection process, supervised three on-site video shoots and trained HR personnel how to administer the portal using the WordPress CMS.

    The services that we provided consisted of:
  • Original Concept, architecture & site plan
  • Website design & development
  • Web / Interactive Project Management
  • Storyboard design & development
  • Copywriting of scripts for vignettes & Rovion characters
  • Casting call & selection with client
  • On-site supervision of three video shoots (Boston, DC & Crofton, MD)
  • Training client staff on WordPress CMS

"I have worked with Dave on several projects of different natures. From designing our website to creating a portal that can be sent to prospective employees demonstrating our culture, he has proven himself an expert in the field, as well as being a creative resource. He is very easy to work with and is extremely timely with project deadlines (including keeping me on track!). I highly recommend him!"
- Amy Thompson, Director of Communications, Force 3, Inc.

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