Force 3

Case Study: Force 3

We became Force 3’s Interactive marketing specialist in June of 2008 as the growing government IT integrator began the transition from traditional ways of marketing themselves (radio, print, signage at ball parks, etc.) to a more progressive approach using the internet and new media (web, search engine marketing, banner advertising, etc.). Working first with the marketing team and company founder, we eventually worked with almost every facet of Force 3’s organization as they embraced digital technology; Human Resources, Sales, IT & Engineering and Communications.

Force 3 was spending the majority of their marketing budget on traditional mediums such as radio and print advertising and signage within sporting venues such as FedEx Field and the Verizon Center. Their corporate website was extremely dated and the marketing team had no way of updating content within the site without contacting the incumbent agency. Operationally, the marketing team was somewhat isolated and each department relied on their own proprietary ways of communicating and storing information.

Over the course of three years, we helped Force 3 not only establish a digital marketing strategy, but to execute it as well. The key was enabling the marketing team with the tools necessary to bring the company forward and educating them on various ways to take advantage of these new mediums. We redeveloped Force 3’s corporate website three separate times, each time providing a Content Management System (CMS) that was easier and easier to use until we settled on a fairly complex implementation of WordPress that integrated social media elements, a job listings database and two seperate existing GSA product listing databases.

In addition to corporate website development, we also assisted Force 3 in the selection of SalesForce as the standard CRM of the company’s various departments as well as continued work with the marketing team; social media training, planning & execution, banner advertising, PPC search engine marketing, landing pages for various events and initiatives and countless e-mail campaigns.

    The services that we provided consisted of:
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Development
  • Website Development (Corporate site, Landing pages and Microsites)
  • Information Architecture & Site Planning
  • Web / Interactive Project Management
  • Online Banner Campaigns (Washington Post, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, etc.)
  • PPC Search Engine Marketing
  • E-mail marketing Campaigns
  • Training (Social Media, SiteFinity and WordPress CMS, E-mail Marketing)
  • Domain Name Consulting & Implementation
  • Copywriting (Ad copy, website & email campaign content)

"Dave is fantastic to work with. He has great business acumen to compliment his design skills. Dave’s demeanor during a project provides everyone with the confidence that the job will get completed on time and to your satisfaction. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dave to any client that wants a world class on-line presence."
Rocky Cintron, CEO, Force 3, Inc.

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